Rinehart Targets® Goes ‘Big Tine’ With New 3d Target for 2019

Janesville, WI — Rinehart Targets® is turning heads with its growing line of Woodland Series 3D archery targets for 2019. The new Jimmy Big Tine Whitetail target brings a new durable, lifelike and affordable option for archers looking to prefect their shooting skills. The Woodland Series continues to be among Rinehart’s best selling and most popular targets. They offer lower retail price points that allow even more archers to experience the realistic durability of a Rinehart target.

“We decided to go Big Tine with our latest Woodland Series lifelike sculpted deer target,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “We sweated the details to make Jimmy Big Tine a realistic whitetail target. The new locking antlers hold true and give you option to use your own antlers for even more realism. This target is definitely a worthy addition to the Rinehart name and one we are proud of.”

Like all Rinehart Targets, the Jimmy Big Tine Woodland Series deer target is crafted with incredible lifelike sculptured features any archer will find impressive. The target measures 48-inches tall and 40-inches long. It incorporates Rinehart’s locking antler feature, with the option to easily swap out and use your own. Jimmy Big Tine looks impressive, plus it also withstands shot after shot from both compound bows and crossbows without breaking or tearing. This is due to the solid FX Woodland Foam construction and Rinehart’s Signature Series foam replaceable core.

Rinehart Targets are widely known as the most reliable and durable targets available today due in no small part to these high quality construction standards. All Rinehart Woodland Series targets have a unique foam construction ensures they are resistant to UV rays and the harshest weather Mother Nature can dish out, making them ideal for year-round practice anywhere. Arrow removal is simple thanks to the durable Signature Series foam construction that can stop even the fastest arrows. And, if countless hours of practice lead to a need to replace the core, Rinehart’s exclusive patented locking insert system (sold separately) makes replacement fast and easy. The Rinehart Woodland Jimmy Big Tine Target has an MSRP of $219.99.

About Rinehart Targets

Since 1999 Rinehart Targets has been manufacturing the Best Archery Targets in the World. Today, the company continues to expand on its wide range of archery targets offered including: 3D Targets, Cube Targets, Crossbow Targets, Bag Targets, Range Targets along with its newly added line of archery decoys. For more information about Rinehart Targets, visit: rinehart3d.com.