MWS Reps

Mission Statement

At MWS Associates, Inc., we lead our business partners in achieving their strategic goals while keeping their best interest at heart. We are goal-orientated by creating a team atmosphere founded on having the most passionate and talented team of sales and marketing professionals in the outdoor industry.

About MWS Associates, Inc.

The MWS Associates Advantage


In a fast-paced world inundated with technological advances, still nothing replaces the face-to-face contact with your customers from a knowledgeable representative. Having 274 years of combined industry sales experience, for an amazing 22 year average of service in the outdoor industry, we know a thing or two about customer relations. While keeping pace with the ever advancing technology, MWS Associates utilizes cutting-edge software to maximize efficiency for all parties, as well as having our own sales call reporting application to provide real-time information to our partners.


MWS Associates is comprised of the outdoors industry's most veteran manufacturers' representatives. For us, it goes far beyond sales. In order to understand your product, each and every one of us are passionate outdoorsmen. Providing real-world feedback and experience that brings excitement to our customer presentations. Being end consumers, brings extensive product knowledge through all areas of the outdoors from hiking, camping, hunting and fishing or simply anything that keeps us outside!


MWS Associates prides ourselves in long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships with our manufacturers, many of whom have enjoyed 20+ year relationships that have resulted in substantial growth for all! Feedback and communication is key to helping grow in a competitive market and stability in an agency provides long-term client relationships across all levels of trade. Partnership also flourishes with our involvement within the outdoor industry as a whole by joining forces with a multitude of outdoor conservation groups and federations whom share our common interest in preservation of our natural resources.