Stop Checking Trail Cameras and Start Hunting with CuddeLink Cell

Green Bay, WI —  Cuddeback, an industry leading trail camera company who designs products in the USA for performance and reliability, is pleased to launch CuddeLink Cell, an advancement of the company’s CuddeLink wireless mesh network trail cameras.

CuddeLink Cell is the industry’s first affordable cell camera technology that allows you to check up to 16 trail cameras using only one cell plan starting at only $15 per month. Built off Cuddeback’s proprietary CuddeLink technology, these cameras are capable of relaying images from camera to camera allowing you to cover 1,000s of acres and reach places that typical cell cameras can’t. 

“Our new cell platform allows hunters to effectively monitor their property with up to 16 cameras without ever having to intrude upon their land – significantly reducing disturbances and limiting the human footprint.” Stated CEO and Founder Mark Cuddeback.  “At only $15 per month you can receive images from all 16 cameras, making our system the most affordable on the market.”

For those that live a significant distance from their property, or simply want the convenience of having images sent directly to their email address, CuddeLink Cell is the answer. CuddeLink Cell allows your Cuddeback cameras to send images to the HOME camera. The HOME will then automatically email all of the collected images directly to your inbox, enabling you to view all of your photos on your cell phone or computer while in the comfort of your own home or office.

Stop checking trail cameras and start hunting with Cuddeback and CuddeLink Cell. For more information on this technology visit