Our Pro Staff

MWS Associates maintains, what we feel, is the best Prostaff in the nation. We have assembled a team of individuals all over the United States with one mission in mind: providing you, as our partner, the best regional and national service at retailer events you can imagine.

Keeping these guys and gals educated and up to speed is quite a task. Where feasible, we will do regional trainings with that territories Regional Manager. 


The more information and videos you supply us, the better equipped our staffers will be.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have a Code of Conduct that we require everyone to abide by down to dress code and how we expect them to handle themselves. Believe us, we follow up to make sure our partners are represented with utmost professionalism.

We attract quality people because of the quality of manufacturers’ we represent. We also pay extremely competitive wages and full mileage/meal reimbursements.